Andrew Bogut: Frustrating time to be injured

Andrew Bogut: Frustrating time to be injured

In his latest blog for NBA Australia, Golden State's Australian centre Andrew Bogut talks about his painful rib injury, his chances of returning to the court soon and the standard of the playoffs so far.

The last couple of weeks have been really frustrating and somewhat disappointing, but unfortunately there isn't a lot I can do.

My rib is sore, I am still on painkillers and there is no timeline on my return, so my chances of playing in this round of the playoffs is still up in the air.

The fifth rib I have fractured is right next to the lung.

This is the main reason why I have been strongly advised to let the area heal before commencing physical activity.

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A hit to the area could cause the bone to go through my lung and if that was to happen I would end up in hospital breathing through a tube and there is no way I want that to occur, so at this stage I just need to rest and let it heal.

Unfortunately I can't even do any rehab as it is an area that just needs to heal with time. 

I am hoping to have the area x-rayed in the next week or two and get some good news.

It is a real shame too as I had played through the majority of the season with a successful team and this is the time of the year where you want to be out there getting it done.

It's also a very frustrating injury as it is not a 'seen' injury.

There is no plaster cast, there are no crutches or a walking boot.

So to the general observer it would appear that I am fine!

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I just have to keep the faith in my team-mates to get past the Clippers and then hopefully I can return at some stage during the playoffs.

We are tied at 2-2 and are confident that if we play our brand of ball we can advance.

We have to take care of the ball and limit our turnovers and we need to try and limit the effectiveness of Clippers big man Blake Griffin and playmaker Chris Paul, just like we did in Game 4.

Griffin has been good during the opening few games of the series, so we just need to try limit his baskets inside the paint and make him hurt us with his jump shot.

If he makes them then I suppose we just have to live with it, but it's important we don't let him score easily around the basket.

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It was extremely disappointing to hear the alleged comments made by the Clippers owner a couple of days ago and I know some of my team-mates are pretty upset about it all.

These comments have no place in, not only the NBA, but society in general.

It must be tough for their franchise and it is definitely going to be a bit of a distraction for them and somewhat the rest of the league.

The story has taken away from what has been an excellent start to the post-season, and so far it has been a 'playoffs for the ages'.

I can't remember a first round of the playoffs being this good during my time in the league and everyone else is saying it is the best one for some time.

I was stuck at home for the first week of the playoffs and saw plenty of games, but let's hope that changes and I can get back out on the court again soon.

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